Welcome to SELDOM BLUE

We are virtual fashion designers for the online game SECOND LIFE. SECOND LIFE is an incredible virtual 3D world created and inhabited by people just like you and me, where everyone you see is a real person and every place you visit has been built by hand.

Within this website you will find an extensive range of fashion, designed specifically to clothe your virtual avatar, no matter your size. We produce beautifully seductive corsetry and lingerie, through to pretty summer dresses and sophisticated evening gowns. We hope you enjoy browsing our galleries and feel free to contact us, here or inworld. If you wish to purchase any item then click on the link to the marketplace on each page, or browse our store inworld. If you want to download SECOND LIFE click here.

Enter a world with infinite possibilities and live a life without boundaries, guided only by your imagination.

See you there,
indigoblue Dagostino - Seldom Blue Lingerie
PLEASE NOTE: The prices on our products in this website may not be accurate. For accurate pricing please visit our store inworld or on the marketplace. Please contact Indigoblue Dagostino for more details about our Bespoke Design Service. Photo credits: Halllie Larsson, DaisyLynn Morales, Curl Swindlehurst, Stella Stapleton, Katime Vacano - Thank you girls!
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